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and school started.

i am taking
cell physiology
medical microbiology
microbial ecology and metabolism

i graduate in May
start my PhD in the fall (hopefully...find out soon)
disco bandit

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I have acquired a huge collection of "step-pets" and gotten a few of my own. I am doing REALLY well at overcoming my fear of fish and we even have some. I freak out if they look at me funny and I can't put my hand in their water but I am getting better. Here is my list....

White Stripe Gecko - Goya
2 Crested Geckos - Huginn and Muninn
Green Spotted Puffer - Bartleby
Synodontis longiferous (?) spotted catfish dealy - Pazuzu
2 Zebra Danios - KellyPittman and Danica (named after friends)
3 long finned tetras - alpha, beta and gamma
a bunch of ghost shrimp which will not be named cuz i can't tell them apart
King Betta - Sir Percival Duffin
average Betta - Rigel

we are going to get an electric blue crawfish if we can ever find one
c'mon turkey be yourself

oh look i'm alive

i hate christmas.
i have always hated the ridiculous religious side of it.
i hate the commercial side of it after working in retail management for far too long.

i hate the fact that people get mad if you are not 'jolly' on a day like today.
i hate everyone telling me to have a happy holiday.
i hate that everything in teh effing city is closed today.

i am spending my day playing kingdom hearts, watching movies and cleaning the apartment. after that, i am going out to eat at my favorite seafood place (sixfeetunderatlanta.com) which is conveniently within walking distance of my house. I will eat too many scallops and drink too much beer. then i am going to a strip club.

that's my idea of a holiday :)
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I have communicatory issues. and no, surprisingly enough it's not because i REALLY enjoy making up words.

i don't appear to have a working filter between my brain and mouth. i think something and i say it. a lot of the times it's amusing and has been called adorable because a bunch of silliness tends to come out of my mouth in most situations. however, when i am stressed or tired or sick or PMS-ing it's negativity that once I think about, I wish I could take back.

I need to learn to control this as it has been causing problems lately. It's caused problems in the past too. My mouth has always gotten me in trouble.

I am trying to find some sort of resources on effective communication/controlling my thought outbursts/etc that are not either business related or new age bullshit.

anyone got any ideas?


Monday is a pretty big deal for me.

I am taking the GRE. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it's the exam you have to take to get into graduate school. I am applying for grad school shortly after that, here at georgia state. i love the research i am doing and would like to continue it. it's something that is either not being done right now or has not been published. either way, i really like doing stuff and not having to compare my results to those of others. my results are NEW information, and that's pretty effing sweet. now if only i could get my cells and the virus to cooperate at the same time, i could get some shit done. seriously it's either one or the other that seems to be behaving properly.

also monday is the first day of fall classes.

i am taking:
microbial genetics and pathogenesis
senior seminar (read: boring)
graduate seminar (because I can, though i am not taking it for credit on account of i'm not officially a graduate student just an honorary one at the moment)

also nic starts working on his phD here at georgia state. he is really nervous, but i am sure he will do fine. only 3 students got accepted to the program, he is one of them, which automatically makes him worthy of being here. but i understand the stress. i've been going to school forever and the first day of class is always anxiety-inducing.

oh yeah, i'm at work....i should probably get something productive done.
disco bandit


my pupils are still two different sizes. anyone know how long that should take to go away? It's been almost a week.
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oh look an update

Ok, more details on the head injury. I have these metal shelves that were so lovingly given to me by Bek. Well, the front of them opens up and slides in, but some of them not all the way. Well, I was unpacking books diligently and I smacked the corner of the metal shelf into the softest part of my temple. It almost knocked me out. I am doing much better now, as of last night the headache is pretty much gone. And the nausea wore off some time yesterday afternoon. I will be a-ok eventually.

And, as requested by jjen, an update on the living situation.

I moved into the apartment on July 1 and nic moved in on the 17th. It's really coming together and starting to feel like a home. We are done unpacking and are now hanging things on the wall. Living with nic is going really well which is nice cuz we both had bad past experiences. Life will feel more complete once Robin moves down here when she graduates in the spring. Nic and I both want to tell her to eff school and move here now but she is almost done...and she really wants to do what she is going to school for (architecture) so it's worth the time apart though the time apart sucks.

Our apartment is downtown, right on the outskirts of all the tall buildings. We have a rooftop deck with one of the most beautiful views of the city ever. In one direction you can see the capital building and all of the beautiful buildings list up and in the other direction you can see the Braves stadium. I either ride my bike or walk to work. It's 0.8 miles so I actually get more exercise walking...and I alternate the two or decide based on how awake I am or what the weather is like.

I take the GREs August 18th and start applying to grad schools. My preference is to stay here, in the lab I am in now and continue the research I've started as an undergrad. I'm looking at the effects of interferon beta on the permissiveness of the retinal pigmented epithelium to human cytomegalovirus. It's ok, you don't have to pretend to understand that previous sentence.

Shockingly enough, I am really looking forward to school starting back. I'm a nerd.

Ok, I have some cell culture calling my name...I should get off the computer and do some actual work.

I will try to update this thing more. We should have internet at the apartment by the end of business day today. It's been too long.

Oh, and my birthday is next friday.
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